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S. Tanweer Ashraf

Consultant Knee Surgeon

MBBS, FRCS (Trauma and Orthopaedics), MRCS (Ed), MSOrth, MSc Orthopaedic Engineering (Cardiff), FRCS (Lond)

Patient Experience

T Bailey

Age: 66 years

Occupation: Cleaner

Mr Tanweer Ashraf has taken exceptional care of my knee, from diagnosis, to doing a partial knee replacement. I could not be happier and would recommend Mr Ashraf to anyone needing to see a 1st class consultant knee surgeon.

Many thanks for giving me back my life, after 2 ½ years of severe pain. The most important advice I could give to anyone having this surgery, is to give 100% to the rehabilitation advice.

R Williams

Age: 75 years

Occupation: Retired

In the spring of 2014 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knees. In November 2014 I had a total replacement of my left knee and in January 2016 a total replacement of my right knee. I must admit that the day following surgery I did think I would never walk again as my leg felt totally detached from my body! With the support of all the team, especially physiotherapy, after six weeks I was able to resume a near normal life, meeting friends, shopping and doing all the things I found too painful to do previously. To Mr Ashraf and all his team, I am extremely grateful.

Everyone’s experience will be different, but for me it has given me a new lease on life.

M Buck

Age: 66 years

Occupation: Retired

For those of you considering having a knee replacement but are concerned or frightened, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to go ahead without hesitation.

I have atrial fibrillation and I am on Warfarin so it was decided at my pre-operative assessment, after discussion with my anaesthetist, that the operation should be done under a spinal injection. I was a little apprehensive but again my worries were unfounded and although I was aware of what was going on most of the time, I did in fact drop off to sleep on occasions!

I had my operation on 23 January 2016 so I am presently just over 10 weeks post op. I am not going to pretend the last few weeks have been easy, but if you are prepared to do what the team advise you to do and with determination, you will see an improvement every day. If you are in pain, advise the nurses and they will provide you with painkillers. Do not suffer in silence.

It is imperative to do the exercises given to you by the physiotherapist on a daily basis. Each day I tried to walk a little further, but it is very easy to overdo it and you will suffer if you do too much!

In summary I am very pleased that I went ahead with the operation. I can now walk much further than I have done for years without pain and I do not have to stop every few minutes to rest anymore.

There is no doubt that it has certainly changed my life for the better.

J Edwards

Age: 78 years

Occupation: Architect

I am very pleased to relate my personal experience regarding my right knee replacement over the past seven weeks.

I was anticipating that apart from the discomfort there would also be a lot of pain. This proved to be very much less than I expected, although in my instance the Paracetamol painkiller caused me migraine, and was changed to Ibuprofen which was an improvement. I slept very well the first night, the second and following nights, less well until I had sleeping pills in addition to the painkillers which sorted the problem out.

Only hours after the operation, the physiotherapists had me standing and walking a few steps which was very satisfying. The following day I was walking with the aid of crutches some 40 yards or so and actually climbing up and down the first flight of the staircase, and then back to my room.

After three nights in hospital, I returned home being quite mobile with the aid of crutches. I was determined to follow the exercise regime and managed this quite well. I was also able to discard the crutches after three weeks. The surgical stockings were the knee length sort, fortunately not full leg length, and using the slip sleeve, were quite easy to put on. As instructed I wore them for the full six weeks.

I found that the wound healed very quickly, and the dressing used enabled me to take showers with ease. The wound clamps were removed by my GP’s nurse and the scar is now greatly reduced. I would like to stress that I have used Bio Oil on the wound twice a day which has helped greatly.

Since I have returned home, I have also been carrying out exercises at the BMI treatment gym (3 times over four weeks) with very rapid improvement to my leg. I repeat all the prescribed exercises at home about three times a day, the best being on a static bicycle which I regard as the perfect exercise

I have in the last 10 days, played 3 x 9 holes of golf (with a buggy) and have walked ½ a mile and feel that this will soon be very much longer. I will be 79 years old in just over a months’ time.

All in all, this has been a most satisfactory result, the excellent surgery, the hospital care and the physio aftercare.

S Davies

Age: 69 years

Occupation: Retired teaching assistant

I had my knee operation in October 2015 at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital. I received excellent nursing care there plus good communication regarding physiotherapy, wound care and medication advice when leaving hospital.

After the operation Mr Ashraf came to see me and was very reassuring on how the operation had gone. He was also very supportive during the follow up visits.

I have left submitting information as I wanted to monitor my progress. I am happy to state that I am pain free and building up my walking distances on a daily basis. My knee is still swollen although not as much as after the operation. I can’t kneel but Mr Ashraf did tell me to expect this and I find getting up without using my hands difficult if the furniture is too low.

I feel that the knee operation was a positive experience and would recommend the procedure to others who are living with pain and/or decreased mobility.

E Pond

Age: 73 years

Occupation: Retired

After suffering for some time, Mr Ashraf advised me to have replacement surgery on my left knee and the operation was carried out during October 2016. Post operation, the first couple of weeks was, at times, very uncomfortable but as each week passed, I could see improvement in my ability to get around. The staples used to close the wound were taken out after two weeks and to my joy it was all very painless. Within four weeks I was walking without the use of any support. It was during this time that I attended the group Physio sessions to learn and go through all the exercises to get my knee moving again. These sessions were held at the hospital and I found them to be not only beneficial to get my knee working, but they also gave me so much encouragement to get back to normal. I was driving in six weeks and after three months the scar is now barely visible. I am so grateful to Mr Ashraf and the staff at the West Midlands Hospital for their expertise and encouragement.

J A Simon

Age: 67 years

Occupation: Retired

I visited Mr Ashraf a number of times. Each time he was very caring ad explained the operation in details which was easily understood. I was admitted to West Midlands Hospital on 25th November 2016, the operation took place on that day. I was in hospital for four nights and the care and attention given was exceptional.

I returned home after achieving a 90° bend and continued with physio instructions that had been given to me. I also attended hospital physio classes once a week for four weeks. Physio was very thorough and helpful with brilliant staff. After the four weeks I was able to achieve a 115° bend in the new knee. Since then each week has shown improvement, and at 10 weeks I only have slight discomfort (tightness) no pain at all around the kneecap.

Looking back, I feel I made the right decision in having the knee replacement. Mr Ashraf and his teach could not have been more helpful and understanding.

C Crampton

Age: 77 years

Occupation: Retired

Before my operation I had limited walking distance. I struggled up and down steps and it was not possible for me to kneel. I took a lot of painkillers to get through the day and the night.

I chose Mr Ashraf as my surgeon following a review of his resume on the West Midlands Hospital website. He was very kind during our initial meeting. He explained everything that would take place regarding my knee replacement operation.

I also received physiotherapy prior to my operation to strengthen my legs ready for my operation. I really felt that this helped quite considerably.

My operation all went according to plan. I did not have a general anaesthetic but had an epidural and sedation instead. I was not in any pain on my return to the ward. Mr Ashraf and the staff at West Midlands Hospital made sure that I was comfortable during my recovery.

The first two weeks were slightly unpleasant as I was determined to carry out all of my exercises and get back to normal as soon as possible.

After three weeks I was walking without crutches. After six weeks I was almost back to normal. After three months I was fully functioning again including kneeling and climbing ladders.

D Priest

Age: 83 years

Occupation: Retired

My knee replacement began with a consultation with Mr S Ashraf who explained fully the treatment I would receive in the operation.

He arranged x-rays of my right knee and pre-medical checks before admission.

The operation went well and the next day I was visited by Mr S Ashraf to check on my condition before being placed under the care of his medical team. I was then assisted out of bed by the Physiotherapist and began walking first with a walking frame, crutches and then a walking stick. I then had further x-rays to make sure all was well and after convincing the physiotherapist that I was capable on my crutches, I was discharged after six days.

Over the next few weeks, I had further appointments with the physiotherapy departmentand given exercises which I was instructed to do at home. I must stress that it is most important to get full bend of the knee.

I had further consultations with Mr Ashraf after six weeks and three months later he discharged me with flying colours and I am now walking with no aids.

The treatment I received at West Midlands Hospital was first class and the staff cannot be praised enough for the care I was given.

Mrs P A Brown

Age: 76 years

Occupation: Retired

I had my knee replacement 18 months ago. During pre-operation examination I found Mr Ashraf to be kind patient and reassuring, and willing to answer any questions I might have. This was confirmed after the operation and subsequent check-ups. From my point of view, the operation has been a complete success and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ashraf.

Mrs I Banner

Age: 86 years

Occupation: Retired

Having never been inside a hospital at the age of 86, you can imagine how I felt when told I needed a knee operation. However, when I was introduced to Mr Ashraf and the West Midlands Hospital I immediately felt at ease. So much so that when I went along for my operation I did not have a butterfly in my body.

After spending a few short days in hospital, I was soon on my way home. Which was a shame really as I was enjoying the TLC.

Now the work begins. I was given 5 weekly sessions of physiotherapy where I took on board the exercises I must do.

I do not have a family so was completely on my own but have felt during the last eight weeks that this has helped an awful lot because if I wanted a cup of tea, I had to get it myself. All extra exercise and I cannot emphasise the importance of this, as you begin to notice little things which you can do; the most fascinating being able to stand on your operated leg… still amazes me.

I’ve still some way to go, but believe me it’s all worth it. Keep exercising and enjoy.

I must add that the help given was absolutely wonderful.

Mr. B. Cox

Age: 66 years

Occupation: Steel Sales Representative

Mr Ashraf operated on my left knee for a total knee replacement on 9th May 2014.
The whole operation was a complete success and of great benefit to me, enabling me to walk distances of miles rather than years without pain.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ashraf to anyone who requires surgery.

Mr. J. Hadley

Age: 74 years

Occupation: Retired

For the past several years I have suffered with a bad knee, so much so that it prevented me from doing the majority of normal every day chores. At first I could not put my socks and shoes on and eventually could not walk very far. I also could not do normal tasks other able bodied people could do.

Eventually I decided to have the operation and find the time to be out of action. The operation only took about 1-2 hours but I was in hospital for approximately five days.

The pain after the operation when the anaesthetic had worn off was extremely bad which in total lasted about two weeks. From then on until weeks 6-7 from the operation things started to get a lot better and because I did what I was told by the physiotherapist I did not require any walking aids during the end of wee 7.

From week 9 onwards I have not taken any pain tablets and can now put my socks and shoes on easily.

I have to admit I wish I had had the operation done a long time ago because I am beginning to feel like my old self again with little or no pain any more.

It is very important that you do as you are told after the operation, ie. exercise several times a day whenever possible. Every week that goes by, ie. week 11, I am getting about a lot better and expect to be normal in about 4/5 months.

Mr Ashraf I would like to thank you for doing the operation and also the medical staff and nurses at the hospital, and if you require any further information, I would only be pleased to help.

Mrs. S. Hannon

Age: 78 years

Occupation: Retired

Mr Ashraf performed my knee replacement operation on 1st April, 2014. Before I had this operation I could only walk a few yards without stopping, or without being in pain.

Since having the operation I have been able to walk well on holiday and generally whilst shopping or various Keep Fit [over 55 years] activities.

This operation was a complete success and I am forever grateful to Mr Ashraf and his team for all their care.

Mr. G. Jones

Age: 80 years

Occupation: Retired

This is my second knee replacement operation. My first was performed around twelve years ago on my left leg. I wanted to get the second knee replacement surgery performed because of my age [I’m going to be 81 years of age in December this year] and the fact I live alone, so I need to maintain some independence. I also still hold a full driving license, which is invaluable for me as it helps me with my social life at my age. I like to keep my ‘hand in’ with my crown green bowling, playing for various teams in my area. I also like to support my lifelong football team at their home games. I’ve even travelled to London to see them play at Wembley – a very proud moment! I was in hospital a little over two days which includes the operation itself and the fantastic aftercare provided by the hospital team. Everybody concerned with my operation and aftercare were great, I cannot praise the staff enough. After leaving hospital I managed with the help of relatives, friends [including the bowling crew!] and some great neighbours around me. They would check on me daily, do any shopping, cook meals, change my dressings etc. The extra aids supplied by the hospital [Delivered before I went in for the operation] were brilliant. I used the tray on wheels constantly as it allowed me to carry/move things around the house but still have a two handled firm support as I move around. I had a few complications during my recovery time but in no way was this due to the procedure I had performed. I was found to have a low blood count so had to be placed on a course of iron tablets to remedy this. I’ve now been signed off by the hospital who performed my surgery. They were constantly amazed at how I was doing so well and kept saying “Mr Jones, you’re doing amazingly, you’re at least a week ahead of where we expect you to be, especially with your age taken into account”. I’m really glad I did decide to go ahead with the operation [even with my age concerns].It’s improved my mobility, tenfold and I’m even able to beat some of those youngsters [in their 50’s!] at bowls…..fantastic!

Mr. S. Ross

Age: 57 years

Occupation: Paramedic

I had a total knee replacement on 21st March 2014. Mr Ashraf before the operation explained everything to me. The process of the operation and what the rehabilitation would involve.

After the operation the Physiotherapy Department gave me a course of exercises to do. These were done four times a day. I found the more you put into the exercises the better the outcome. “You must do the exercises”

After having my staples removed I went to Halfpenny Health Club and Sports Injury Clinic and had a six week course. Twice a week of Hydrotherapy treatment and exercises on an underwater treadmill.

I found the exercises pushed me to another level. It helped build my muscles up around the knee, improving my stability and improved the flexibility of the knee. I now have a knee bend of 130 degrees and full extension. It also helped me to walk normally rather than with a limp. I would highly recommend the Hydrotherapy.

Also to help control the swelling I purchased a Cryo cuff. It provides cold therapy and compression which helped a lot better than a normal ice pack.

Exercise is the most important factor in the rehabilitation process, make sure you do them. I have now returned to work and have started playing golf again without pain.

Mrs. J. Hadley

Age: 82 years

Occupation: Retired

I am an 82 year old woman suffering from osteoarthritis in many parts of my body but particularly in my knees – so much so that I was finding getting about almost impossible without help.

I was put under Mr Ashraf’s care via my doctor’s referral. After an initial examination Mr Ashraf recommended I have a total knee replacement. I was very concerned about the operation and dreaded the operation date approaching.

Fortunately in the West Midlands Hospital the care I received was exemplary. I need not have worried the operation went very well and I have nothing but admiration for the work that Mr Ashraf did on my right knee. I took a few days to recover from the effects of the anaesthetic but right away I was able to walk with a frame and within six weeks I could walk without crutches and needed no painkillers.

If anyone needs an operation of this kind I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ashraf and his team. Indeed I hope to be returning next year to have my other knee replaced!

Mrs. C J Hale

Age: 68 years

Occupation: Retired

I had a knee replacement a while ago and hope I will be able to help someone with my experiences. Although I did not think it would be as painful as it was if you continue to take painkillers and work as much each day on the exercises give to you, especially bending, it will all be worthwhile. Exercises on the stairs are particularly hard but very necessary. Sometimes you need to bend your knee when you feel it is sure to be doing more harm than good but keep going to achieve a full bend.

Six months on and I know that all the hard work by Mr Ashraf, Physiotherapy and myself was worth it. No pain is great.

Mrs. J. Thomas

Age:49 years

Occupation: Care Worker

I cannot fault the care given to me by Mr Ashraf. He is kind courteous and professional. The arthroscopy operation he performed was excellent and cured the constant pain I was in. Within three days of having the operation I was off all painkillers and walking around and back at work after two weeks.

Now eight weeks later I am cycling, walking, swimming and totally pain free. Thank you Mr Ashraf for your excellent care and skill. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering this procedure to go and have a chat with you and see for themselves how you can improve the quality of life.

Mr. D. Lyons


Occupation: Retired

Other Interest: Marathon running, Skiing, Swimming, Gym

Treatment: Total Knee Replacement for Osteoarthritis

On 16th June 2009 Mr Ashraf replaced my knee with a Depuy PFC Sigma Knee system. Since then (i.e. 9 months later) I ‘ran’ the London marathon and subsequently eight more until April 2013. The knee continues to perform very well, so thank you for keeping my sporting interest alive!

-26th June 2013